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Immortal Player Characters

IPCs are game characters that you own forever.   IPCs are highly functional NFTs designed to provide lifelong game characters as your partners in adventure and imagination.  


IPCs come on their own Paper Wallet!

IMG_6870 (1)_edited.jpg

See your IPC in Augmented Reality!


What are IPCs

Immortal Player Characters (IPCs) are portable game characters.  


Each IPC has all the parameters needed to instantiate into a tabletop RPG character. Race, gender, and attributes are all included in the IPC System design.

IPCs have all the data required data for the procedural generation of full 3D characters for videogames and virtual worlds.

For the art and craft of World-Building IPCs can serve as a persistent anchor in time as their narrative unfolds into the future.

IPCs are Immortal.


System Design:
Creating a Portable Game Character 

IPCs have an enormous amount of functionality, especially in the context of games and interactive narratives and adventures.


Each IPC includes the following design structure and parameters:

  • Immutable attributes (composed of 3 immutable sub-attributes) and Luck (inverse of attributes)

  • Genetic Information (DNA/Genes, ranges of physical characteristics, including additional genes for future use) 

  • Editable Genetics (CRSPR via IPC Smart Contract)

  • Editable Name

  • Asking Price (built-in exchange) 

  • Four Races (Human, Elf, Dwarf, Orc)

  • Four Sub-Races per Race

  • Both Genders

  • On-chain XP

  • Immutable ID, Birthdate, and time

All these metrics are available to browse at


All IPCs live in IPC City


What can you do with IPCs?


Here are just some of the things you could do with your IPCs

  • IPCs in Table Top Games​

    • IPCs were designed by game designers thus they easily refactor to any paper game system.

  • IPCs in Computer games

    • Any game devs are free to import IPC into their own games.  All the user needs to provide is the IPC ID# to get all the IPC data. 

  • World Building & Narrative Design

    • IPCs can serve as the anchor in this reality and lead authors and designers to a sea of the imagination.



Competitive games coming very, very soon!

IPCs were designed to smoothly move through a multitude of game universes and realities. We predict there will be MANY games and Meta-virtual worlds where IPCs will feel at home.

The first set of games for IPCs in design:


  • IPC Fight! (IPC vs. IPC)

  • WAR! (wallet vs. wallet)

  • IPC Dating! (with a Tinder-like interface)

  • IPC RPG (Vast and Huge) 

  • IPC FTL 

IPCs in YOUR Game?

With only the IPC#, game devs can fetch all the IPC data with
this URL


Just add the IPC ID# to get a specific IPC:
For example myIPC/666

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