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Poor Paragon, Will Switch off 4/26/18

I downloaded Paragon on my PS4. I was excited about it. A "free to play Overwatch," I was thinking. Truth is I never got around to giving the game much time. I am glad about that since after reading the letter from Epic, the game's publisher (owner) about Paragon they are switching the game off on April 26th, 2018. That would have broke my heart if I was in love with the game. I do have to say Epic seems to be handling the shut down with grace. They offered everyone a 100% refund and they apologized for not delivering on the promise. There is an impressive petition to keep the game alive! I hope the 30 thousand people who signed it so far get what they want. https://www.chang

I'm As Mad As Hell and I'm Not Gonna Take This Anymore!

Who owns the game you play? The company that publishes it, of course. But you purchased an instance of the game, your own copy. Do you own that? NO, you don't! When you purchased the game you were really purchasing the right to use the game, not own it. You know when they make you agree to the contract you never read in the beginning? Somewhere in that contract it states that you don't own the game and in the case of an online game the actual owners of the game have a right to shut it down anytime they want. And then all your time, all your grinding, and crafting, and fighting, all the love and money, and leveling you put into your game characters - it all goes away when someone isn'