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IPC 2019: The Road Ahead

IPC 2019 Happy New Year present and future IPC owners!!! Below is a quick summary of the year past, and some information about our goals for 2019: IPCs 2018 Of course, 2018 has been an important year for IPCs. The very first IPC was born March 15th, 2018, at 3:49pm! Since then, over 2600 IPCs have been created. Some of you have purchased from this genesis traunch of IPCs. You know who you are. I just want to say that you have my personal commitment that one day you will be very happy you decided to acquire your IPCs when you did. Also in 2018, we were able to get very rough but functional IPC mobile apps out into the wild. More on IPC Explorer below. I’ll admit that it feels like not nearl