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Competitive games coming very, very soon!


IPCs in every reality, in every-verse!

IPCs were designed to smoothly move through a multitude of game universes and realities. We predict there will be MANY games and Meta-virtual worlds where IPCs will feel at home.

The first set of games for IPCs in design:


  • IPC Fight! (IPC vs. IPC)

  • WAR! (wallet vs. wallet)

  • IPC Dating! (with a Tinder-like interface)

  • IPC RPG (Vast and Huge) 

  • IPC FTL 

IPCs in YOUR Game?

With only the IPC#, game devs can fetch all the IPC data with
this URL


Just add the IPC ID# to get a specific IPC:
For example myIPC/666

Game Roadmap Coming Soon!
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