Random IPC Sent to Your Ethereum Wallet

Random IPC Sent to Your Ethereum Wallet

Get your own randomly generated IPC now! 


When you order a random IPC we will generate it for you.  In this way you won't have to deal with Mist wallets, METAMASK, or the IPC smart contract interface.  We do all the work for you.  


You get a randomly generated IPC with 32 bytes of immutable attribute values, 32 bytes of DNA which encode the physical representation of your IPC. 


Every IPC is forever encoded with a unique ID and exact time of birth.



  • Your public address (Ethereum wallet address)

Possible races of your IPC will be, Elf, Human, Dwarf, or Orc, as per the Fantasy Realm (which is the first IPC Realm ever created!)


When your order is received we will create your IPC and send it to your Ethereum wallet.  The character sheet for your IPC will be sent to your email address as a .PDF file.