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Poor Paragon, Will Switch off 4/26/18

I downloaded Paragon on my PS4. I was excited about it. A "free to play Overwatch," I was thinking. Truth is I never got around to giving the game much time. I am glad about that since after reading the letter from Epic, the game's publisher (owner) about Paragon they are switching the game off on April 26th, 2018. That would have broke my heart if I was in love with the game.

I do have to say Epic seems to be handling the shut down with grace. They offered everyone a 100% refund and they apologized for not delivering on the promise.

There is an impressive petition to keep the game alive! I hope the 30 thousand people who signed it so far get what they want.

Imagine you buy the characters first, then you play a game with them, like Paragon, but then the game dies and you take your character back and look for another game. Am I right?

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