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Contract Zero (V0)

Yes, it’s true, there is a predecessor to our beloved Immortal Player Characters smart contract Version 1. Version Zero! Some people call it V0.

This contract was deployed on the blockchain back in 2017. It is like the first draft of the IPC contract. It works but it’s a bit broken. It was abandoned and

V1 was deployed on March 15, 2018. Someone found this old draft smart contract. And guess what? It mints its own V0 ipcs!

In fact, the first 1000 V0 IPCs have already been minted. It is highly unlikely that any other V0 IPCs will be created - read on to find out why.

It is Broken, DON’T USE!

IMPORTANT: This smart contract is broken, DO NOT USE IT! We do not support it, and we will NOT build games for these pre-IPC IPCs. Just want to be clear on that.

Again, this V0 contract is BROKEN and not SUPPORTED.

Community Concerns

Some NFT collectors are concerned that the existence V0 contract would affect the V1 IPCs negatively in various ways. Also, there is a concern that any attention or energy focused on V0 simply takes away from V1. That makes total sense to me.

Some theoretical solutions have been suggested:

Set Mint Price to Zero

The idea is if we set the mint price to ZERO then all the IPCs spawned by this V0 contract will be worth ZERO. This way the V0 IPCs are all worthless and will not compete with the IPCs of V1.

And/or force the claim price of the V0 IPCs to ZERO, so they can be perpetually swept making them totally worthless.

Another idea is to consult with _YodaMouse and just try to kill the V0 contract!

All these ideas make sense from the collectible NFT perspective, where just about the only functional value of NFTs is the ability to convey “rarity.” Thus, the overall collection size becomes the most important consideration. This too I understand. But I’m not 100% motivated by the NFT collector perspective.

What has Been Done

Here’s the bottom line. The blockchain is immutable, right? This means old, broken, prototype smart contracts will forever be there, on the blockchain. There are probably millions of abandoned, half-baked smart contracts on Ethereum. And, by the way, there may be a few more old IPC draft contracts on the blockchain somewhere. That is just the way it is.

To limit the “collection” of V0 IPCs we set the next minting price so high that it will effectively cap the population of V0 IPCs to 1,000, pretty much for FOREVER.

Most certainly there will never be any support or continual evolution of these poor, dejected V0 IPCs.

Where We Stand

At first, I really worried about V0. I heard all the concerns and even some that had to be explained to me. But now I feel like we solved any future problems with V0 interfering with the natural evolution of our beloved V1 Immortal Player Characters. I think making future minting on this contract so expensive it will make the overall cost of V0 to creep into V1 space impractically expensive. Just like how hacking Ethereum would be too expensive, making “cost” the actual material of protection.

Personally, I have to admit a slight emotional connection to these nurtured v0 IPCs, even though they scared me at first. I think we just have to let them be, leave them behind. Red-headed stepchildren but still immortal.

Again, I feel like we made a good move in dealing with V0.

What do you think?

Where do YOU Stand?

I really want to know your opinion, especially if you feel strongly about it. While I feel we nipped this potential problem in the bud, you may be thinking a lot differently.

I promise will consider all.

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