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My 3000 IPCs

IPCs are NOT just NFTs

As most of you know, there’s a lot more to an IPC than the typical NFT. IPCs provide a lot of utility for game playing and world building and collecting.

There is even more functionality than you know (because we haven’t shared it all yet.) I want to point this out so that you will give me a chance to convince you why my way has a good chance to make ALL IPCS increase in value. MY 3K traunch of IPCs (#12001-#15000) will be mine. I am the only one in the universe who can mint them. I will Mint them as needed, slowly. Very few will end up on OS. IMO. I will do GREAT things with them and all in the name of increasing the VALUE of ALL IPCs. Read on.

Collection Size Knob!

When NFTs have no real function other than just an expression of rarity, the NFT creator only has one big knob to tune, the collection size. Since there is nothing else other than an entitlement to a theoretical collectible, the collection size is the most important metric. IPCs have many more knobs. Remember this, IPCs are new to you but I have been thinking about them for a LONG time.

I totally understand the NFT collector/investor’s perspective on keeping the collection size to a minimum.

Collectible? I’ll give YOU Collectable!

While we may have slightly different cultural views on NFTs vs. IPCs. Me being a lifelong game designer makes me a bit of a square peg in your round NFT hole. But we do have common ground. We both understand the word, collectible. Remember it was us comic book collectors that iNVENTED collecting! And you may know some of my games are very collectible. I have a dream to make IPCs collectible AF and WAY more valuable than this lackluster OS floor.

What MY 3K IPCs will be used for?

I’m glad you asked. I will not disclose all of my diabolical plans but here are some:

IPCs for Customer Care

We need a supply of IPCs to make the unhappy happy. I know IPCs dedicated to Customer Care situations are not a panacea but they will help a lot!

IPCs for Business Development

It’s a business and if we want IPCs to live and grow and evolve and, be immortal, we need to grow a healthy business to support them. I need an inventory of IPCs for business development, joint ventures, investors, content partners, etc.

My IPCs for My People

Why should Steve the Pirate have WAY more IPCs than me? I have friends and family and people who work for me, all of them I love and they deserve IPCs from me and are part of this historic collection (V1.)

IPCs for Loot

I want to give away IPCs to people who earn them in gameplay contexts. I need an inventory to run all kinds of contests, drops, and promotions. (can’t wait!)

IPCs for Incentives and Rewards

Artist? Anyone who submits a cool OS banner gets an IPC from me. Writers, can you scribe some QuestEngine quests? We need tons of them, MY IPCs will be rewarded to people who help generate IPC content. I need a stash of IPCS for such things. We need a lot of content. All the IPC content makes all the IPCs more valuable, don’t you think?

IPCs for the Rich & Famous

Maybe you can’t hang out with Snoop Dog, but your IPCs can hang out with his. I am going to give out IPCs to famous people like Snoop Dog, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, Tony Hawk, Brie Larson, Elon Musk, Hideo Kojima, - I’m going to load them all up with IPCs and then make it clear to everyone which IPCs the rich and famous own!

Bound to Physical Collectibles

The IPC bound to physical collectibles will never be torn off to go on OS, believe me. More on these mind-blowing physical collectibles later!

My Hope

I hope you can see it from my perspective. I do feel like my mind is made up but I will listen to everyone who wants to be heard. I realize that we all care about IPCs even if we don’t agree on some things.

Thanks for reading!

Ed of Legend

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