The Creators of IPCs



Game industry veteran and all around nice guy

Ed has been making games for the last 25 years.  Creator of Ecco the Dolphin, TinyTank, Mr. Bones, Kolibri, Three Dirty Dwarves, Slice HD & Dexter Slice, Super SmashBall, Eclectibles, SmallBall Baseball, D&D Warriors of the Eternal Sun, just to name a few.  

Ed is the CEO of Playchemy and a founder of the IPC system.  Ed has a dream to evolve games into living systems or artificial life.

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Smart when it comes to Smart Contracts 

Sherman is the system designer and blockchain developer for Immortal Player Characters. He loves analyzing game mechanics, trying to understand the core of how they work in order to make games fun. He strives to explore all aspects of play within a game system and how the mechanics all come together to create a healthy and engaging ecosystem of players.



Producer of IPCs and their Origins

Kimberly Unger has been a games industry professional for over 20 years. Her past games include Dexter: Slice, Incredibles, Agiliste, Tetris Worlds and many others. She lectures for the UCSC Baskin School of Engineering’s Masters degree in Games and Playable Media and writes tech-driven sci-fi on the side.  She likes fast robots, big explosions and stabby things.

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Helps us see our IPCs

Omer is a unity developer and is the lead on the IPC Viewer project. All the screen shots you see here where IPCs are standing on QR codes is a result of Omer's handy work.  As a graduate of the Academy of Art in San Francisco, Omer was one of Ed Annunziata's favorite students so he hired him as soon as he graduated.


Armaan V. Bhati

Making the FIRST game world for your IPCs

Armaan is a game developer leading the IPC City project. He has been interested in games throughout his life. Not just playing games, he loves analyzing game mechanics, systems and levels as well as creating his own. 
He's a Soul man!